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Bluetooth SleepHeadset




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Bluetooth Sleepheadset - for a good nights sleep


No cable mess in the bed! Close out snoring and other distractions. Listen to music or audiobook comfortably without irritating your bed partner. These soft headphones are designed to fit just as well for your workout as sleeping with them in your bed - Completely wireless!

Because the speakers are thin, you will not notice them while you sleep. Despite its slim design, the sleeping headphones maintain a very good sound quality. Now you no longer need to get entangled in audio cables when you fall asleep while listening to an audiobook!

✓ Wireless model via Bluetooth!
✓ Listen to the podcast without disturbing your partner
✓ Warming headband during walk or jog


When traveling, e.g. train or flight, one would like to be able to listen to music or an audio book but at the same time be comfortable so you can fall asleep. On such occasions, the comfortable headphones SleepHeadset is your very best friend!

The headband is in a stretchable model that adapts to the head. Charging cable comes with the handsets. Perfect during winter to wear on a chilly winter walk or jog. Compatible with all Android, Windows and iPhone models


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Bluetooth SleepHeadset

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