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Sport hovedtelefoner 2.0 - Bluetooth




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Sports headphones for exercise, running and gym


Get rid of tangled cords to the phone during gym or jogging! In addition to a really good sound quality with powerful bass, these headphones offer functionality such as noise-canceling microphone for calls, multifunctional control button for eg. pause music or answer calls as well as a waterproof design.

The headphones are made of sturdy magnetic steel that makes them stick together when you are not using them. The strong magnetic function means that they always stay together when you put the headphones in your pocket or purse.

✓ Noise reduction microphone
✓ Multifunctional remote control
✓ Fully waterproof
 Rechargeable Battery (USB)

Rainy weather or sweaty workouts no longer prevent you from listening to music or podcast at the same time - the headphones are fully waterproof.

The sports headphones sit comfortably and securely in the ear, with in-ear design that provides a noise-reducing effect. In the control is a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 hours. Charging cable (USB) included.

Duration: 3-5 h
Material: Steel
Chargingtime: ca 1,5 h
Distance: Ca 10 meters
Charging: USB (Included)


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Sport hovedtelefoner 2.0 - Bluetooth

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